Black Rainbow – NEW BOOK

This has been quite a long time coming, to say the least, but this week I will finally be able to announce details about a new book that I have been working on. This will be my first adult novel which is titled Black Rainbow.

The design for the front cover will be launched this Thursday the 30th June and to mark the occasion I will be going live on The Nurture Programme over on Facebook for a free question and answer session with fellow author and advocate Jodie Isitt. This will be happening at 8pm GMT and details for the event can be found if you follow this link.

I have been posting small teasers about the book for quite some time on my Facebook and Instagram handles, but now that the illustration for the cover is ready, AND the final manuscript is with the editor tidying up the last few bits, it would seem like the right time to tell everyone about it.

So what is the novel Black Rainbow about?

The central character in the book is called Sarah – who is married with two children, lives in a suburban house and is an educated woman – on the surface she SHOULD have it all but … She is seriously struggling and so is her young, misunderstood daughter. Sarah is constantly trying to conform to fit in, her parenting skills are judged and her voice is quashed. It even feels like her family can’t support her either.

The only part of her life that feels manageable is her friendship with her two best friends – but she even questions how long they will stick by her – after the amount of time she has to cancel or rearrange plans! Then a chance meeting with a stranger in a park has a profound impact on her direction. Will Sarah find her voice before it becomes too late? And more importantly, can her quirky friends find a way to help her inject some laughter back into her life?

Would this be something you would be interested in reading? We will be also setting up a mailing list for details about the project that we will be working on alongside the book over at The Nurture Programme. So stay tuned for later this week when we can give you a few more details and how you might wish to get involved!


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