A huge thank you!

So, we kind of made it to the finals of two BAPS awards, eek! 😱

For those of you new to this abbreviation (and it might be conjuring up some strange image of other baps in your mind🙃), then let us please fill you in.

The BAPS actually represent bloody awesome parents and supporters and are put together by the team at My Family Our Needs:

“The BAPS allow SEND bloggers to be recognised for their talents, their stories and their families – from the everyday to the exceptional. They showcase the valuable contribution SEND bloggers make in raising awareness of additional needs, both within the SEND community and the wider society.”

And there are only three days left to get voting. To say we would appreciate your support is an understatement!

If anyone would like to give us a quick vote then you can just follow the link attached:


We are finalists in two categories and you can vote for us in either (or both) if you wish:

➡️ Truth about SEND
➡️ Educating education

Thank you to everyone who got us this far – we are truly very grateful!❤️

There are some amazing bloggers and campaigners in the lists so I would definitely recommend giving them a shout out too; some of them have actually become my very good friends over the last few years.

So that’s it and we get to celebrate with one another at the ceremony on 3rd November – something that is marked in the diary to look forward to.

Our local newspaper ran the story and published some information on PDA which was fantastic to see. If anyone would like to read the post then please click here.

** Disclaimer ** No PDA child was actually forced or uncomfortable having this family selfie taken 🤣

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