Broken hopes and shattered dreams

Right now, I can’t see any of the positives that the education system has brought to my family.

The system, with it’s dictatorial regime, has little patience in it for an overtly sensitive and inquisitive child.

As a parent I passed over my trust and it was to be my biggest mistake. I lost control of the happy child I was raising and she was replaced with an empty bullet shell.

Instead of nurturing her unique and curious mind, the faulty system accumulated more stress and trauma, and in doing so managed to manipulate her innocent childhood.

Rather than enjoying the years of freedom that should be learning; we have been forced into a battlefield that never yields. It is a war that keeps giving us more injuries to try to heal and at worst, fatalities to recover from.

That’s not to say we’ve not met important and influential people on the ground, who have tried to support, so that the outcomes could have been different. Those solitary soldiers – our body of defence, they hold their weapons high, but without backup around them, they can’t do it alone.

These battles are like games that we cannot win and the weapons we have are not strong enough to match the amount of ammunition assaulting us.

Their arsenal will always be bigger and we, as a community, are often left defeated.

Our hopes are often broken, and the dreams we once held dearly, are soon shattered.

As individuals we throw our missiles back, and although they might do some damage, our deterrents are never enough. They are never powerful enough to bring the whole wall of the enemy down.

So, we go back to repairing the shards of those shattered dreams, to face the next battle with our hopes already broken and in tatters.

The pieces are often sharper as time goes by and they become too small to put back together.


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    Keep on dreaming my friend, this will one day be a part of where it all started. It may not help you in the present but your strength is helping so many people. I will always supply glue 🥰🥰

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