Bloody Awesome Parents

🌟BAPS Awards – who will you be nominating?🌟

So, it’s the last day of nominations today for the BAPS awards – I posted a few weeks ago about what they are on my Facebook page. In brief, for those that missed the announcement, the BAPS are awards to celebrate all of the ‘Bloody Awesome Parents’ in our SEND community.

There are various new categories, such as ‘Community Support’ or ‘Educating Education’ with awards going to those amazing people who give families hope for the future, or may impact their lives with the services or support they offer. I have put two nominations in these ones already and they know who they are! One lady in particular who has offered continual therapeutic support to me, without whom, I hate to think where I would be now.

If there are pages you follow, or blogs you identify with, or even non-blogging individuals who you think deserve a recognition, then please do follow this link and give them a last minute nomination before tomorrow.

I have been fortunate to attend two of the BAPS awards and can honestly say that it was brilliant meeting my online friends from our SEND community, so many important and influential writers on here to mention, but you all know who you are!

I would absolutely love the chance to go again in 2020, as will many other bloggers, the opportunity to get to meet people from your tribe is often very rare but worth every minute when it happens! More importantly, I would love to wave the PDA flag and help to represent the PDA community, but equally will be just as happy if our fellow PDA writers get nominated too.

The more we can talk about the PDA profile, with positivity and with validity to the awareness it deserves, in my opinion the better🐼💓

So if you feel that you would be happy to nominate this blog then the details you will need are as follows:

Danielle Jata-Hall

There is one category for ‘Blog Post with Biggest Impact’ and our most successful one to date was of course using my daughter’s very own words!! If anyone would be kind enough to nominate this post then I know that she would be extremely pleased and I know that it would certainly give her a well needed boost to her self-esteem right now. The post was titled 🌟Beauty and the Beast🌟

So that’s it from me for now, I shall be online now, showing my love to some of those Bloody Awesome Parents who I want to see recognised too!!

Thank you also to those who have already nominated this page, it’s really much appreciated, it helps to lift spirits at a time when it’s most needed!

If anyone would like to read a round up from when we reached the finals for ‘Best Newcomer’ in 2018, then here is a quick link.