Dear Teacher

If my teacher saw me now, what would you think?
Am I the same disruptive kid, you find so hard to teach?
I want to be like other children, sitting on their seats.
You always say they’re well behaved, but what about me?

I wish my thoughts stayed in one place, deep inside my head.
Please help the ideas flow, not punish me instead.
I don’t want to make mistakes, I work better on my own.
At school I shout, hit and run away, will it stop if I’m fully grown?

I wish I had a brain, that did the things I need.
Instead it plays tricks on me, I want it to be freed.
There are so many things about me, I wish that I could show.
But the bad things get in the way, it’s not my fault you know.

I‘d like to do sums all day, talk numbers till they’re dead.
I can’t be interrupted, it makes my face go red.
I can tell you lots of facts, on subjects that I choose.
Like films, cars or breed of dogs, not topics I might lose.

I could make a great invention, and fly you out to space.
We could play a game to get there, but I’d have to win the race.
There are adventures in my mind, I wish they were all true.
To be the bestest hero, and liked one day by you.

If I let you get to know me, I think you’ll run away.
All the adults that I’ve met, never seem to want to stay.
When you shout in class, sharp needles pierce my brain.
My heart beats like a disco, it makes me scared again.

I want to be in class, and stay in school all day.
To make friends with other kids, I just really want to play.
When I get too excited, the more I want to go.
This block just gets stronger, if only you could know.

So here I am dear teacher, not confined or made to fail.
I have the space that I need, I’ve found my holy grail.

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