DJ’s Play Park SEN Sessions

This weekend we had a chance to experience a play zone exclusively opened for children with SEN.

The session was held at DJ’s Play Park in Hemel Hempstead and operates on the third Saturday of every month (the following dates ahead of time are the 18th of August and the 15th of September).

It runs for an hour between 9-10am but you are able to stay longer if you so wish.

Discounts are available and it gives you a chance to enter a play area at a quiet time.

The lights were low, noise levels were significantly reduced and there was a tent with sensory equipment to help reduce external input.

The girls exploring the sensory area

I can honestly say we all had a great time (and that’s coming from a parent who finds it impossible taking my children into play zones!)

The equipment was clean and had a range of areas to explore.

We especially liked the swinging monkey bars – it was hard to pull my PDA’er away from these.

My girls asked me to take a picture of them going up the climbing wall, which was another personal fave 🙌

I particularly think the layout is good, there is enough space in each section – such as in the baby area as you will see in the picture below:

The play zones I have visited in the past are often made quite small and can put off prospective parents, particularly if they have a child with SEN.

There is also a role playing area:

We found it had so much equipment which is ideal for children who enjoy more imaginative play.

A ‘Brucie Bonus’ was all of the soft toys – which included replica doggies (extra wow factor considering my daughter is obsessed about getting a dog!)

My children often get attached to toys and that’s often very difficult to manage, but they were able to play safely using these distractions from the usual anxiety experienced.

The doggies even had a race on the slides:

Talking of slides, the girls made me go down the long purple one here in the picture:

They thought it was hilarious that I was petrified! 🙊

Other parents using the session were so friendly and supportive, as well as the staff that were helpful, which left me feeling completely relaxed and at ease.

The hour went so fast and my children asked to do it again.

As a result I feel more confident to use a play zone like this in the future.

However, I think that I will try to use these exclusive SEN sessions as it definitely made it more enjoyable and accessible for us.

I hope that other companies in different areas will set up sessions similar.

And for those who can access this one, once you try it I don’t think you’ll look back 😉

For further information and for entry prices please visit

🌟Disclaimer – no payment was taken for this review. All opinions are our own!🌟

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