PDA Child Profile Template


Natalie Menagh, a PDA Parent, Specialist Teacher and Inclusion Manager, has kindly produced a one-page template for a Child Profile of PDA.

As a parent she originally wrote one for her child, but following on from the success of this, she generated a template which could be useful to other parents.

As Natalie explains in the document:

“The attached example profile needs to be personalised for the child in question. The general idea is to give enough information to enable any adult working with your child to be able to support them for the time they are with them. Things may still go wrong but at least it prepares everyone to some extent. Also bear in mind that the way they approach behaviour in their setting and the strategies they use will also depend on the individual policies in place within their setting.”

A parent, who attended the PDA Conference 2018, followed this advice and supplied one to their school regarding their six year old child.  It has had a huge impact already and reflective of the need for communication tools to help ALL staff who interact with the PDA child in their setting to follow the same rhetoric.

The document can be found here:

Child Profiles

Please do follow her on Twitter @natalie_menagh for further resources and to keep up with any information – link can be found here.

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Lastly, I would always recommend visiting the PDA Society regularly for the most recognised resources for parents, teachers and professionals (click here for further details).

If you are unable to view the document clearly, please do get in contact on the form above or email on daniellejatahall@yahoo.co.uk and I will be able to send you a copy made with Pages.  Unfortunately, WordPress will not support the original document.




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