The Professionals


If blogging be the food of love, play on.

I’m surprised, that at the end of a very stressful day, I should feel the need to write.  I know that I should switch off, relax, unwind – however you want to put it.  So, here I am, wounded and confused, but with words engulfing my brain.  I have to put them down.  I am the puppeteer and they are my strings.

So here is a subject I feel that I am becoming quite accomplished to talk about and that is the world of … The Professionals.

In my experience of the underworld that is unfortunately SEN, there are professionals that I have come across and they may be clumped into two categories:

  • Professionals who tick boxes
  • Professionals who exhibit passion

The professionals who are passionate, well they push the boundaries and arm you full of knowledge that the professionals who tick boxes wish you didn’t know.

They are a breadth of fresh air and invigorate your step.  They pick you up and keep you focussed and they remind you of the bigger picture when actually you feel like you have absolutely nothing left to give.  They arm you with the power in order to make your child not just survive, but to flourish.  There is no surface politeness or reading between the lines, their professionalism shines through.

The ones proficient with passion are (I assure you) very few and far between.  But, by god, when you meet one you know about it.  They are adept at being professional – they are skilled, masterful, polished and most of all full of expertise.

And then, there are those professionals out there who… just…tick…the…boxes.


I’m afraid these are on a much larger scale and are best described as being infectious.

These ones follow their guidelines, they are systematic, rigid and lack the heart that is needed to drive their engines.  These professionals are quite at home at making a square peg fit in a round hole.  They even have the terminology to make that happen.  They purport to be doing the right thing, but is that actually the case?  I’ll let you make your own decision on that.

Sometimes it can work in their favour and the parents they encounter drop into submissive mode, sadly more often than not due to a parent’s level of class and/or education.  But at what cost?  I would argue at the detriment to a helpless child’s hopes, fears and well being as well as evolving into adults who simply don’t fit in.

It is important to note that there may be a bit of a grey area in between.

There are professionals who DO tick boxes and they DO avoid your questions and they DO leave you on a limb because in fact, deep down inside they may have some passion.  Only this passion has been categorically dampened out by a system that doesn’t actually work.  They know it, but feel powerless to change it.

It is these professionals who I appeal to.

Do they dare to be different and follow their instincts?  Can they augment change?  Can they take themselves out of the grey area and be proud to say they are a professional with passion?

I know which category I’d prefer to fall under.

Yes, blogging may be my only food of love at the moment, particularly when I have been stripped of everything else, but I know I still have strength and drive.  I know that, somewhere, within my psyche that I am proud to be a mum who is ‘A professional with passion.’


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