PDA Conference – 9th May 2017


Families in Focus are a local support group, running parenting courses and drop in sessions for families parenting a child with additional needs.  It is run by Francine Swaby and Lesley Chance and they have a wealth of knowledge in the SEN area.  At the moment they run sessions all over Hertfordshire and are now launching two new groups in Bedfordshire.

I have been attending this group and have met some fantastic parents along the journey.  We have shared information, shed tears and most of all laughed together.  It is a warm and friendly environment – a group that I would encourage other parents to join.  I am also a member of the South Bucks PDA Support Group which has been another source of support.  I would recommend to any parent out there to find a local support group as it is reassuring to feel that you are not alone.  Together, as parents we are stronger as a collective.

Francine and Lesley at Families in Focus have been at the forefront with wanting Hertfordshire to recognise PDA as a diagnostic profile, which has been amazing for many parents like me.  They are open, kind and generous in their ongoing support to all parents.  I would personally like to thank them for all of their work that they do.  I think they are truly inspirational in their vision to support parents to help us along our journey.

This PDA conference has had an overwhelming response and we are all looking forward to it greatly.

Please take a look at their website http://www.familiesinfocus.co.uk for further information on drop-in sessions and courses that they run.


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