PDA Thoughts – A Case Study

The following document has been written by a parent of a child already diagnosed with PDA and edited by Jane Sherwin (author of the book Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome – My Daughter is Not Naughty).
This family has been a great support for many families (like ours) and are active in their campaign for a better PDA awareness.
I wanted to include this as a separate blog (in order to obtain a bigger audience) as I want to focus on what can be achieved with the right support network behind the child.  This document discusses strategies that their particular family have used, which may be insightful for others.
This parent is working on a separate piece to talk about siblings, which is something I am very much looking forward to reading.  She also runs a support group in South Bucks, please contact PDAgroup@harveys-home.me.uk for further information.
Also, please contact me on email at daniellejatahall@yahoo.co.uk if you would like to tell your individual PDA story on this site (we will keep this anonymous) or you would like me to put it into words for you.  I believe as many voices as we can together will have a positive impact.
Enjoy the read!


  1. Christine Hardcastle

    My daughter is 9 and we are in the process of diagnosis of PDA for her. I empathise with this article but my daughter has not been quite so extreme and she certainly masks a lot of her traits at school. I wanted to say that we found the “racing” techniques worked for a while then she realised and told us,” you just want me to go upstairs to bed!” We’re stopped doing it for a couple if months but we were then able to reintroduce it for a while. I only use it occasionally these days.

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