Campaign for PDA Recognition in Herts

Hi all Parents, Carers and Professionals

There is a campaign that is starting up in Hertfordshire (with the intention to progress nationally) in order to get PDA recognised as a diagnostic profile.

A survey has been generated by Sally Russell and is so far highlighting the need for a better diagnostic criteria to be used by professionals and a greater understanding of the ‘demand avoidant’ needs of complex and highly anxious individuals. If you are a parent in Herts, please follow the link to contribute to this survey

We would kindly ask for any written contributions of your experiences and how you found the services in the local area of Hertfordshire?

Alternatively, you may be a clinician, paediatrician, psychotherapist, teacher etc and may feel frustrated in your professional experience with a lack of training or acceptance, in which case we would love to hear from you too.

I will be collating information and assisting Sally Russell and Steph Curtis (as volunteers from the PDA Society) with a view to forming as much evidence as possible to support our claims.

If you would like to contribute, please could you message below and I will be in contact further.

We are also happy to provide a copy of the report for anybody that is interested once the results have been formalised.

Please support us by sharing this post on all areas of social media and help us towards a better understanding of the Autism Spectrum.

Thank you!



  1. Caroline Steer

    My daughter (13) is diagnosed PDA, which we got in Cambridgeshire, but use to live in Hertfordshire, having the diagnosis has been a God send for us, but to think if we had stayed living in Hertfordshire we might still not have a diagnosis!

    1. pdaparenting

      Hi Caroline thank you so much for your comment- I’m glad she got her diagnosis and things are better for you. Is there any chance you would be able to message me on email with a few words about how things have been handled better in Cambridgeshire? Your example would be such good evidence and is exactly the claims we are making. To evidence Herts are actually behind and we experience poor services would help us greatly, particularly as Herts are about to do a talk with the purported view that they are ‘leading’ with their views/services on Autism. My email address is Please keep in touch as I would love to hear (and perhaps learn) from your situation. Take care and all the best for your family. Thank you also for reading, Danielle x

    1. PDA Parenting

      The information fed into an all autism parliamentary group, as well as being used productively by the PDA Society. 👍

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