Dear Sister

Dear Sister,

I’m sorry that I hurt you.

I don’t know why I do it.  If I knew then maybe I could stop.

I always hear you ask Mummy why do I get angry and I listen to what she says.

You even try to help me – you bring rabbit and say this will calm me down.

I look at you and wonder why you are still being nice to me even though inside I’m ugly and mean.

You know that day I hit you so bad?

You remember when you had to go to stay at nanny’s house just to keep safe?

Well that day I told mummy that she should leave me outside and let all of the meanies get me.

They should throw me in prison for what I do to you.

I was scared, dear sister, that I might never ever see you again.

I know I can’t always say it or show it to you but that night (when you were fast asleep) I stroked your curled up fingers and whispered into your ear that I was sorry.

I’m sorry because I love you.

I love you even though we have different coloured rabbits.

Yours is pink and dotty whilst mine has all the colours of the rainbow.

You even say I don’t like to choose just one colour.

You know and understand me better than anyone.

Sometimes you go quiet when I start shouting at you and I still can’t stop calling you names. I know I’m scaring you and you’re about to run away from me but I do it all the more.

It makes me even angrier because I just want you to play my game.

Your rabbit is just like you dear sister; it’s small, contained and perfect.

Mine has one green ear and one orange ear just like me.

I wish I could be orange all of the time but sometimes I just can’t stop being green.

When I listen with my green ear then I hear your words and I don’t like what they do to me.

I know you only moved one of my Toot Toot cars out of place but I didn’t like it.  I couldn’t find the words in time to tell you so I just shouted and threw it at your head.

I sometimes hate my brain – I tell mummy she shouldn’t have born me.

I know that I’m getting too angry and I forget how to make it stop.

Like when you had an accident and got hurt – I don’t know why but I laughed at you.

The sound of your crying made me even angrier and then I hit you.

I don’t like it when you cry and my throat always starts to hurt.

I get scared in the mornings when you have to get ready to go to school and sometimes I tell you that you’re ugly.

I don’t like it when you leave me.

You always give me a cuddle and say it’s ok.

I kiss you on the cheek but not a wet kiss because you say you don’t like kisses!

You taste warm and sticky and I like the smell because it reminds me of you. I like being your big sister but I’m scared to tell you that.

Its just not fair – why are you so clever?

Mummy says I’m clever too but sometimes I find it hard to believe her.

If I was clever, then I could find a way to stop hurting you.

I love you, dear sister, and your pink spotty rabbit too.

I wish you would just stay and play with me all day because you are, and always will be, my best friend.


  1. Stephs Two Girls

    Such a beautiful, bittersweet post. The pain is there for both of them I’m sure, but the understanding will grow and hopefully things will get easier between them as time moves on x

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